The Beginning

The Beginning

As I make this first post, there’s no one reading yet, because, well, I haven’t launched the site yet. Maybe my husband’s peeking (hi!) but WELCOME to The Deaf Mama! If you are an early visitor, please forgive the massive construction still underway.

My goal for this website is to be a little corner of the Internet where people looking for information on life with hearing loss can come and learn more. Are you deaf, or wear a hearing aid? Do you know someone who has recently experienced sudden hearing loss? Are you a parent of a child diagnosed with hearing loss? Then I hope you can come here and find something helpful.

img_6208 I wear a hearing aid, and I started this site only when it came time to buy a baby monitor (oh yeah, I’m 5 months pregnant), because it felt like everything that came up in search results was very half-hearted. No REAL comments on what might work well, no thorough lists of equipment to consider, nothing super current, nothing that said “maybe there’s a 29-year-old lady out there just looking for a way to sleep with a newborn AND without her hearing aid at night.” So, the genesis of this site was really just born out of wanting that comprehensive list.

Then I thought, well, maybe I can also write about my own experiences growing up with hearing loss, and add a personal, informal insight on certain topics with others. I can’t speak for everyone, but my hope is that the blog side of this website will create some new ideas or reflection, and I strongly encourage comments from anyone on the subjects!

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