Smartphone baby monitors: the Baby Monitor 3G app

Smartphone baby monitors: the Baby Monitor 3G app

If you’ve followed my site for awhile, you know that one of my main crusades is for a reliable baby monitor for deaf and HoH parents. It’s a depressingly short list, so I’m going outside the box this month and looking into smartphone and smart watch integration. I’ll build my findings into my baby monitor list.

I’m sure MANY deaf and HoH people love their smartphone just as I do—my iPhone lies under my pillow at night and the alarm vibrations wake me.

My newest find is the Baby Monitor 3G app. Not even a physical purchase! And it’s cheap—only $3-5 depending on what device you set it up on. But you do need to have a smart device like a phone, tablet,or a laptop continually acting as the camera for monitoring baby. Your phone, acting as the parent unit, will vibrate upon alert. The interface is really cute, too, noting the last time baby made a noise. There is, of course, live video.

Has anyone tried this app out? I’m hoping to get a promotional download soon so I can properly review it, but haven’t gotten a response from the developer just yet. If I do, then I’ll be sure to update things.



  1. Any updates on this? I’m wondering if the vibration alters will remain active until I wake up. And I’m assuming that it will vibrate at the full strength of my phone’s standard vibrations. Is that true? I’m hoping you played with it!

  2. I wish this had been available when I was a babysitter/nanny. The amount of times I would run up and down to the baby’s/children’s bedrooms to check on them were uncountable…yes it was great for my fitness but every 15mins leaves everyone having an unsettled night especially little ones trying to sleep. I’m new to your blog having found you through twitter today and I cannot wait to keep reading. THank you for this blog and your courage to speak out.

  3. Hey just wondering if you have any updates on this. My husband is hard of hearing and I work shift work. We’re looking for something that will reliably wake him up through vibration on the nights I won’t be there.

  4. Any notes on this app yet? Thanks!

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