New Year Updates

New Year Updates

Well, my holiday hiatus ended up a little longer than expected! We had a happy New Year here, but then with an unexpected death in the family (and subsequent travel) backing right up onto a planned trip, all while pretty pregnant, I ended up being AWOL for a couple weeks, and then just basically catching up on life since then.

My website is about 2 months old now! I had a great burst of energy in creating it and those first few blog posts, and now that I’m back to it–if there’s some particular content you’d like to see this coming year, do let me know.

As for me, I finally scheduled the appointment to get the ear mold made for my new hearing aid, which will almost certainly be the top-tier BTE Oticon Dynamo. I wrote on this in a previous post, but this is a big deal for me! I’m not sure if others feel the same, but my last new aid was a HUGE adjustment that I wasn’t expecting, so naturally, I’m a little nervous about doing it again. The exciting news is, though, my health insurance just upped their coverage of a new aid from $1500 up to $4000, which saves me a lot of cash; it also gives me hope that hearing loss is finally being treated as something that should be covered by insurance.

I’m doing my best to become active on Twitter, so do follow me there as I catch up on all the news in the deaf/Deaf community after my time away. There is a Facebook page you can follow by clicking on my sidebar here on the site, but it’s not really “up and running” in the same way Twitter is yet.


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