The Deaf Mama turns 1: a look back at what started it all

The Deaf Mama turns 1: a look back at what started it all

My website is one year old! A lot has happened since, to include the birth of my son in March. He is now 8 months old and doing great.

I created this site after I was frustrated looking for a baby monitor for me, a BTE aid user that cannot hear without my aid and was worried about hearing my baby’s cries at night. As someone who exists MOSTLY outside the deaf community, I felt like this was a good way to embrace my identity as someone with hearing loss, and possibly help others. I wanted a comprehensive list in one spot, so I set out to make it myself.

Unfortunately, I learned, it’s not a very long list at all, and my monitor that I love has already been discontinued. That leaves deaf American parents without a single video baby monitor with vibration options. There are monitors for deaf parents, but shouldn’t a new parent not have to settle on there being no video? Every night, multiple times a night, I check on my son via the video screen of our monitor.

I’m passionate about the subject, but unsure of how to really try and convince the right person to make the monitor that deaf parents need. I have Twitter and have slowly learned how to use it over the past year, but I’m sure I could get a little better at it.

I ended up making my website as MORE than just a list of monitors for deaf and HoH parents, but that is actually what most people come to my site for! It’s by far my most popular page, as it’s now on the front page of Google search results for “baby monitors for deaf parents”. When I started only one year ago, I was lucky to get two hits a week, and now I’d ballpark there’s over a hundred searches every week JUST from people looking for baby monitors for deaf parents. The other pages of my website do get views, but usually from those that arrived via their monitor search.

So, my plan is to keep at it, keep that list updated and see if I can get a little better at figuring out how to make a product that is very much wanted and needed.

Thanks for sticking around!



  1. Hi! I hope you will write more. I’m a deaf mama too, my son is 16.5 months old. My partner is also deaf. I’m profoundly deaf bilaterally with a cochlear implant (they are amazing).

    I had the same worries you did about not hearing your child. I have a video monitor set so the screen lights up when he cries, and I haven’t had my cochlear implant off at night since he was born. I miss silence at night so much! So I’m really looking into vibrating monitors now.

    How are you finding other aspects of being a deaf mama? I find it isolating because I can’t hear well enough at places like play group and the library sessions to make good friends with other parents. I’m slowly getting there but it’s meant the first stretch of having an infant was so lonely, right when I think you need a village the most.

    I’m also worried about what it means for my son, to grow up with 2 deaf parents. Thankfully he hears fine.

  2. Author

    Hi Fiona,

    Late reply, but thanks so much!! Hoping to write more in the new year, so thank you 🙂

    Oh man, I wore my hearing aid the first few months and I was DYING to take it out but was too nervous. I can relate!! The vibrating monitor is a lifesaver, but the one I use was sadly discontinued. Have you been able to find anything?

    So, I have been in the speaking world so long that I don’t feel terribly isolated, but yes, play groups are tough, especially as my son gets older and the kids are louder.

    I think your son will do great!! Do you plan to teach him ASL (or equivalent if you’re outside the US)? It’s great for kids to learn languages!

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