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This website was created in late 2016 with the intention of serving as a more modern, up-to-date set of resources and equipment reviews for adults with hearing loss, or parents of children with hearing loss.

The Mama

IMG_2136 - Version 2 I’m Emily, 32 years old, and my husband and I welcomed a little baby boy in March 2017. I’m also hearing impaired and have been since birth.

I wear a BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid in my left ear, and my right ear’s sort of a lost cause, so there’s not much there. I exist only in the speaking community now, after losing the sign language I used as a small child and entering regular public school, with the help of some auditory training equipment and speech teachers.

I didn’t ever really identify with the deaf/Deaf community, and nowadays I generally rely on only three things that maybe most people don’t: my hearing aid, my iPhone’s alarm vibration to wake me up, and closed captions on TV. Until I got pregnant, and thought: “How will I sleep worry-free without my hearing aid at night? What if I don’t hear the baby? What about when my hair’s wet?”

My sister-in-law and I looked into finding a baby monitor that would work for me–video and vibration, in addition to regular monitor features–and found almost nothing. That’s when I decided to start this site, because I really wanted a set of resources that was current, spoke to the kind of consumer I was, and made it easy to find what I needed. Everything I found looked so out of date, or geared only towards the elderly, and I just felt like there was this hole in the internet for people like me.

The Name

I’m well aware that I exist at the very edge of the larger community of those with significant hearing loss, and I don’t speak for everyone! However, I have done my best to try and be inclusive of all levels of hearing loss.

Hearing loss varies WIDELY from person to person—some speak, some sign, some wear aids, some are totally deaf, and so on. Deafness is associated with an entire community that has its own nuanced culture, but here, I chose “the deaf mama” as a way to incorporate ALL degrees of hearing loss. Plus, it was the catchiest option.

I hope that you find whatever you were looking for! If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.